MLB, Back in the Headlines for the Wrong Reasons

With spring training less than a week away, the MLB is back in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Alex Rodriguez has withdrawn his lawsuits against the MLB, commissioner Bud Selig, and the MLBPA.These lawsuits we're basically A-Rods last ditch effort of getting back on the diamond after receiving a 211 game suspension for steroids and other banned substances.

A-Rod was my favorite player. When I was young, my dad would take me to Rangers games in the heat of the summer, he was always covered in sweat. I would always get bored, that was, until A-Rod came up to bat. He was the only player I cared about, I think the only player whose name I actually knew. He was the only reason I was interested in baseball.

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Then came the dreaded day, February 15th, 2004. A-Rod was traded to my absolute least favorite team in all of professional sports. The New York Yankees. From that day forward, Alex Rodriguez was my least favorite player in baseball.

I continued to hate Alex Rodriguez for the next 3 years for no reason other than that he left the Rangers. Then 2007 rolled around Rodriguez showed up on a list of players who had tested positive for PED's in 2003. He immediately refuted the claims, and I believed him. I'm not sure to this day why I believed him. Maybe it was the fact that I was fact that I was a stupid 7th grader, or maybe it was the fact that I deep down still liked him (Probably the first).

This headline exemplified my thoughts two years later, in 2009, when A-Rod finally confessed. He said that their was an immense pressure to perform, and that he had used PED's while he was in Texas, but had been clean since coming to New York.

Somehow I still forgave him for that. "He was young and stupid" "It was a long time ago" "Its in the past". By no means was I an A-Rod fan at this point, but I still didn't really blame him for what he had done.

Then it all happened again. In August, the MLB issued a suspension for Alex Rodriguez, of an unprecedented 211 games. Rodriguez appealed the decision which, under the CBA, meant that he could keep playing until the appeal was processed. It was just disgusting to me to see him out on the diamond after everything that he had done.

After litigation, the suspension was dropped to 162 games (plus postseason), essentially the same time frame as the 211 game suspension. Rodriguez again announced that he would appeal. He sued the MLB, commissioner Bud Selig and the MLBPA in January.

This weekend, Alex Rodriguez finally threw in the towel. I guess that he finally realized that his lawsuits we're going nowhere and that he should get out while he could.

After all of this the PED's aren't what bother me most It's the lying. So many young people have looked up to A-Rod for years and years, only to find out that what they we're looking up to wasn't a baseball player, just a cheater.

Personally, I hope that Alex Rodriguez never gets the chance to put on another uniform, walk through another locker room, or step foot onto another baseball diamond ever again.

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