PCI DSS: Are you ready for the next evolution?

The next evolution of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) announced in October 2013, requires companies to have to adapt to new technologies for processing and storage of financial transactions. Problems in sight!

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The importance of compliance with the pci compliance standard and found the link between the lack of conformity and the increase the risk of data compromise. According to these experts, a few simple principles allow companies to refine their understanding of PCI DSS, essential condition for the success of their project compliance. Since the first assessments to the implementation of the measures which impose.

Many companies with are unaware when their project starts planning for compliance with PCI DSS. To put all the chances on their side, they should tackle it as soon as they decide to accept card payments or plan new types of transactions, e-commerce or new system at the point of sale, for example. It depends on how the data cardholder payments are stored, processed and transmitted by traders or to service providers. Absolutely must isolate the possible environment where data carriers transiting cards, installing firewalls between subnets. It makes sense. But the task is sometimes difficult, especially for companies whose protection strategy has historically been limited to the security perimeter. One of the golden rules of the PCI DSS compliance is to store only the essentials. If you do not need (e.g. data concerning holders of payment cards) do not store!

Many security managers of PCI compliance service prefer to rely on checklists or preset tools ready to simplify their procedures for compliance. These instruments effectively are used to achieve specific goals, simple and verifiable manner, but then risk to miss the intention behind the controls. The risk is great, then, to portray the situation in a better light than it actually is. In summary, if checklists are used by DSI or RSSI can judge if efforts are effectively aligned with the purpose originally sought.

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