Was 'The Bachelor' split really due to sexual incompatibility..?

If you have been as into this as I have, you would have found Bachie's interviews post filming have been somewhat gob-smackingly shocking.

Bachie was grilled by Kyle and Jackie O this morning live on air. As we all know grilling is Kyle Sandilands' forte. While Kyle has been rather brutal in the past, he never ceases to amaze me.

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During the Bachie interview this morning, pot-stirring Kyle asked if the split between the newly engaged couple was due to "sexual incompatibility" between Bachie and Sam, something which they would have found out only after the show had ended. Bachie's response to this comment later in the interview was "they are your words, not mine" Hardly denying the accusation, Bachie! This kind of response triggers a little inkling that this could very well be the reason for their split! Bachie also mentioned after the cameras stopped rolling he only saw Sam as a friend. A friend!

Could it be!? Oshers hair would be flabbergasted!

A shady Bachie has given nothing away during his interviews post filming. He has been hesitant in his responses to all sticky questions he has been asked, has he been honest? Is he dating another Bachelorette? Would the other Bachelorette's even want to be with Bachie now?

Shake it off, Sam

We wouldn't want to be with Bachie, either.

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