The 10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

How should you find readers for your blog? Well, there are lots of ways you can choose from to increase your blog's visibility. To help you, listed below are the most effective ways to increase your traffic while taking into consideration the time, cost and effort needed as well as the overall impact of these strategies.

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1. Post comments on blogs - This is an extremely time consuming yet effective strategy of increasing traffic for start-up blogs. While most blogs allow a signature link to your blog, some blogs also offer a Top Commentator widget. As bloggers, we want our readers to comment on our posts and build a community. This is where these widgets come in handy; they exist to reward the most interactive readers of blogs. Not only that, in a Search Engine Optimization perspective, a top commentator gets real links, not no-follow links.

So far I've devoted a lot of time to this strategy as this blog is still at start-up. I searched for 5 blogs/personalities that I like and interact a lot on those blogs; one of my faves is by Saman Sandeghi.

If you write insightful comments, people will be interested to read more of your work and click to visit your blog. But take note that most people only read the first 5-10 comments and remember not to spam those blogs as it is bad for your reputation.

2. Post on forums - Join forums and become an active member. Like blog comments, most forums allow signature links. When readers of that forum like what you said or we're awed by your cleverness, they will most likely end up visiting your blog. This is something I'll faithfully do in a months time and I'm sure this will bring in more than a hundred readers a day.

3. Write eye-catching headlines In my opinion, this tactic is a must do every time a blogger writes a post. Magical phrases that will get someone to read your copy like my post on How to be the next Darren Rowse are rare. Knowing that there are millions of articles in the blogosphere for your reader to choose from, you have to spark curiosity and encourage people in the blogosphere to read your article. If you ignore this tip, you may not lose the war but you've definitely lost the battle!

4. Social news and bookmarking sites Submit your best blog posts from time to time to sites like Digg and delicious. Combine this strategy with writing killer headlines then you're on course for a surge of traffic which is really an understatement. The traffic will be too much that your web hosting server will bring your blog down!

Take note that there is no guarantee you'll get a lot of visitors but you can increase your chances by writing about technology or world news for the fanboys at Digg. If you do make it into the front page, you'll get thousands of unique visitors. Anyway, there's nothing to lose if you submit your post as it only takes two minutes at most.

5. Write pillar articles that support your blog These pillar articles will collectively be the face of your blog. When combined with the right promotion and marketing, these articles are your keys to viral traffic from other blogs. Often you'll see these pillar articles as popular posts in most blogs and they certainly are smashing hits. Try to write at least one pillar article every 2 weeks and in a years time you'll have 26 of them already! Squeeze in short informative posts everyday and your blog will have a great future in a few months time.

6. MyBlogLog Like posting comments, making friends in MyBlogLog is a time consuming strategy. Aside from traffic gains, I do this a lot because there are so many interesting blogs out there. Not only that, through time you may as well be able to build up a community! Know that a loyal reader is better than 5 unique readers to your blog.

In addition, I'm using a picture of a girl right now as my MyBlogLog avatar. Avatars of cute girls seem to be common in MyBlogLog simply because they are effective. Yes, I've done research on this for weeks and this just proves that there are so many guys out there that click on girly avatars and some definitely end up visiting this blog. To be honest, I also do this at times. But the main reason why Imhaving a different avataris because the latest picture I have of myself was taken like 3 years ago.

7. Email Marketing Utilize signature links when you send emails. Theoretically, it would bring a surge of traffic to your blog when done correctly. I'm going to try this out next month. And just for your information, I'm not going to send these emails to readers of this blog.

8. Give away stuff This one is definitely a hit. Many bloggers have employed this strategy for building backlinks. Just imagine blogger no.1 giving away a free .Mac, and for you to join the raffle, all you have to do is to link back to that blog! Now that is great, blogger no.2 links back and anyone who reads the post on that blogger no.2s blog links back, etc. it's contagious yet expensive! Well, if you have an extra iMac, tell me! =)

9. Be creative All the tips above are old-school. I believe that there are still tactics out there that can substantially increase blog traffic. Once you find that way, the potential of making it big is within your grasp. Just use your mind to think of other effective ways. Increasing blog traffic is like science, it just keeps on evolving.

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