Luray Caverns, Virginia

Shenadoah Valley in Virginia has some great secrets for locals and tourists alike. I made a recent weekend trip up here to get grounded and back to nature. Shenadoah Valley is only about 4 hours north of Norfolk, VA. The drive consists of mainly country roads that wind through beautiful mountains which we're shrouded in fog and rain.

Even though it was cool and foggy there was still a lot of exploring to be had. Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia is a natural wonder and is the most popular cavern(s) on the East Coast. Check out the website here for more information. Tickets are only around $25 and can be bought the day of admission. Expect around a 15 minute wait to enter the caverns, for safety reasons the tours start at intervals and are carefully monitored as to not allow too many people into the caverns at one time.

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You'll learn the differences between stalactites and stalagmites, how the caverns we're originally discovered, maintained, and other neat facts. Plus, you'll see how the cavern is a natural musical instrument, find an underground lake, and more.

Tours are not rushed and the guides are more than happy to answer questions about the caverns, which are more than 4,000,000 years old. Pictures and videos are welcome, but pay attention to the ceiling height and the steepness of the floor, which can get slippery with underground condensation. The caverns are well lit and you won't be able to wander off the clearly marked, brick path. Remember to pack a jacket if you get cold, and be prepared to hike up and down stairs to enter and exit the caverns. There is no wheelchair ramp to enter the caverns, and no elevator down into the tour.

I've been three times to Luray Caverns, and always seem to find something different waiting in that underground space. It's fun for all ages, and is always worth a return visit.

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