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So now I've decided that my website is going to be a tool to help people find their lost possessions, I've been thinking about pinning down the specifics.

Content wise, my main aim is to make my website the first online port of call for those who have lost items and those who have found them.

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While there are several different options online at the moment which perform a similar function, none of them are particularly well known or possess all the functions which could draw substantial numbers of users to them. In addition, the sites that do exist vary in function and form, with the majority of the designs based on simple, text heavy forms. Alternatives to these more cumbersome sites are social media and listings sites such as Gumtree and Craigslist. I aim to combine the benefits of both services into a streamlined, visually appealing and easy to use website named the Lost Property Box.

I aim to build a multi-page website which attractively displays information captured in forms with accompanying images. I hope to capture the feeling of nostalgia and the sentimental value of well loved objects and possessions such as photographs and jewelry in the visual design of the website while maintaining a crisp and modern functionality to the content delivery and capture system. In the long term, I am hoping to create a design which translates well and is easy to use on multiple platforms, particularly on mobile devices to allow people to update details and search the site while on the move a necessity if people are also physically searching multiple locations for lost items.

The content will be crowdsourced with a loose moderation system. Because of this there, will be a number of community rules drawn up for the site. There will be various different sections to allow for easy browsing and categorization of the content. The site will be a free community project which doesn't charge for use of the service nor encourage a reward system to ensure that anyone with access to the internet can use the system.

I would like to create a simple filter system to allow people to search entries by category, date and time lost and found and geographical area.

The sites aim is to reunite people with lost items, some of which will have great sentimental value as well as practical use. I hope to reflect the ethos of the community based, crowdsourcing model in the design and create a go-to responsive noticeboard for the online community to communicate and reunite people with their belongings.

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