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I've been a member of a few webmaster forums (wellit is what I do), and most of the ones I've been on have tons of disgruntled webmasters and unhelpful twits because they are loaded with moderators and admins that infract/ban for no reason, or too strict of reasons. I started looking for a place where I could get my ideas and websites out to the people who need to see them, and to start learning more about what interests me. A friend recommended a webmaster discussion forum that had an excellent community and great sense of belonging and helpfulness.

WebTalkForums.com is coming up on it's 2 year anniversary and in that relatively short time (in web terms) it has seen unbelievable growth and extraordinary success. Webmasters are coming from all over the place to see what Web Talk Forums has to offer. Because of people like me who have had an excellent experience their user base is growing via word-of-mouth alone. Web Talk Forums has come to be known for it's relaxed, friendly and harassment-free environment while at the same time providing speedy, quality responses to those old and new webmasters alike looking for assistance in any and all endeavors of the webmastering world.

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Web Talk Forums is owned and operated by a great bunch of experienced webmasters who have been in the business long enough now that they definitely have many thinks to offer the webmaster community. Not only do they guide, assist, and offer advice, but they get to know their members, they treat everyone like an equal, learning right along with their members, improving their own skillsets, even having fun. I meanwhen I registered and posted my introthe first person to say hello was an adminyou don't usually see that too often on decently sized forums. Web Talk Forums staff has seen how it is at the many other webmaster forums and have vowed not to be that way, they know what members like and dislike based on their own experiencesand from running my own forums I can greatly respect thisI've always been the type to jump in the mud with the rest of the members. Staff or not, a member is a member and they know that over at Web Talk Forums .

It's not all just the same old question and answer, advice, and other such info over there though. They have tons of fun stuff to do as well. Webmasters earn forum cash from posting which they can use in a casino, stock trader, betting pools, as well as donating it to other members for fun, or for them helping you out in some way. There is also an arcade, as well as a general section where you can post nonsense threads and play posting games. Most webmaster forums i've been to don't allow all that off topic spammy fun stuff because they think it's just for boosting post count. Well I happen to love playing forum games so this feature alone is excellent for me to pass the time during a boring day of work.

Members are rewarded for their support of Web Talk Forums by receiving access to the fun features and additional private forums once they reach required post counts, this is yet another highlight of the forum, you're rewarded for being there, with opportunities to even be a moderator, all you have to do is apply and see if you're accepted, if not, you can always try again. While you don't get full access to all the fun stuff right awayI found that 20 posts is all you need to access all the things i've mentioned so faryou can get that many posts in one day! I mean I just registered and I'm already over 100 poststhat's how actively people have been responding and all there is to discuss!

This growing webmaster forum is the place for all webmasters to be regardless of age. Its fun, it's helpful, it's packed with experienced webmasters ready and willing to share their knowledge with you, and finally, web talk forums listens to it's members. All suggestions and feedback is carefully considered by web talk forums staff, nothing goes ignoredwhich is a lot to say for a forum in this particular niche if you've had experience with them in the past. You also do not need to post with fear that you'll be infracted or banned at the drop of a hatthey actually understand that everyone is human!

So what are you waiting for? Join Web Talk Forums today, it's the place to be, start your new journey networking and connecting with other like minded individuals.

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