A Tribute to Days of our Lives

Days of Our Lives (DOOLs) had a big part in my childhood; I watched it literally every.single.day with my Nan from I was a baby until I went off to get a better education. School holidays was essential catch up time. Thankfully, the storyline didn't evolve too much in 10 weeks so I didn't miss anything crucial. If I did, my reliable Nan would bring me up to speed. My love for DOOLs only grew stronger once I become a lowly uni student. Most of my classes would wind up in the morning, or only take place in the afternoon leaving plenty of quality time for me to reacquaint myself with the the crew!Would I go so much to say it shaped me as a person? Hmm perhaps not, that's embarrassing, UM ABSOLUTELY. (I even did a soap opera unit whilst dabbling in Communications at uni.)

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The great moments, the great characters? Here are the most memorable:

Bo and Hope BradyOR "Bope"

The mullet speaks for itself really; but Bo came riding into town on his motorbike in 1983, met his Fancy Face and television was never the same again. Whilst Hope was in a loveless marriage after being kidnapped, Bo hunted her down and they frollocked in some kind of fruit plantation. They we're married in England and survived brainwashings, long-lost children, a pancreas transplant and multiple abductions. If that ain't love, then I don't know what is..

John Black and Marlena EvansOR Jolena

Where do I begin? John arrived in Salem suffering from amnesia. It was believed he was Marlena's missing husband Roman, having undergone extensive plastic surgery. They we're married until M "died" in 1987. Four years later, she was back and out of a coma *shock horror*. John was revealed as an imposter and assassin, however their attraction couldn't be stopped at they continued to get it on even after the "real" Roman returned. Still with me? I'll forgive you if you're not. In one of the best scenes to ever occur on DOOLs Marlena became possessed by the devil. (I remember being 11 at the time and petrified). Then, in the purest act of love ever, John (who believed he was a priest..but wasn't!) performed an exorcism and saved her. A lot of a breakups/makeups, deaths/resurrections and prison sentences/releases ensued, but when the couple left the show in 2009 for good (or is it?) they went down as soap opera's most famous couple. And finally

Sami Brady

This girl has been through the ringer. She is the ultimate television villain She was even once sentenced to death for murder. Sami has also been married so many times her surnames have included:Reed,Kelly,Walker,Roberts,DiMeraandHernandezphew, what a mouthful!The plot I remember the most is when she fell for Austin Reed (who was in love with her sister Carrie). She and Lucas (Austin's brother who loved Carrie) worked together to break them up; and slept together in the mean time. Sami then drugged Austin to get jiggy with her, got pregnant and said he was the father (though it was Lucas).

Later on, Sami attempted to save Lucas' life by sleeping with EJ DiMera (another great love). She became pregnant with twins her daughter to Lucas and son to EJ. This is pure gold; who comes up with this shit? Stuff dreams are made of I tell you!

This isn't the first time 9 has taken the axe to a soap opera, Young and The Restless suffered a similar fate a few years ago so this one burns deep. I'm going to have to break the news to my Nan; she too will be equally sad I'm sure. This may be all a little tongue in cheek, but I honestly have many great memories from my children with Nan Days of Our Lives included. Ahhlike sands through the hourglass..

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