Thank you for your interest and support!

Fellow Pilots,

Membership remains open to UPFJ. Membership Fees remain at $300.

In addition, to register the new Member with the PBGC, the following Membership Data is necessary for group extensions and the group appeal for the multiple retirement categories and issues resulting from the takeover of our Defined Benefit Pilot Retirement Fund.

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1. A signed "Limited Power of Attorney" with original signature and last 4 of your Social Security Number. In addition on the form your address, phone, and e-mail . (See page 2 for POA Letter)

2. A copy of your Final Determination Letter (FDL) if/when received.

3. A copy of any individually filed request for extension (i.e. PBGC Form-723).

4. A copy of any PBGC granted extension.

5. A copy of any individually filed appeal filed with PBGC.

Please fill out and sign the Limited Power of Attorney. (Click on left button for "JOIN UNITED PILOTS FOR JUSTICE"


(a) Membership can take place before the member has received their FDL. When received, the pilot has 45 days to submit a request for an extension of time to appeal. UPFJ members are registered with the PBGC and currently have an April 8th, 2011 Appeal extension. This may later be extended if all the pilot FDL's are not all issued by this date.

If the 45 days is close, apply personally for an appeal with Form 723 provided by the PBGC and when becoming a member of UPFJ, you will be added to our group extension time and subsequent group appeal if desired.

(b) Requesting an appeal extension has no risk. Any gains from the FDL remain during the extension and appeal time. If a member is happy with their FDL; but, wants to be a UPFJ member for other possible recovery, an extension request allows full member benefits if anything is achieved prior to the appeal. If a member does not want to appeal their final numbers, they can be removed from the appeal and will have time to make that decision.

United Pilots for Justice thank you for your interest and support.

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